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Litera Valley Zee School Hosur

Litera Valley Zee School achieves something much more than mere instructing the understudies. The school changes them for the better for the rest of their lives – developing social skills, self-control, great regard for themselves, their companions and their reality. The school offers a wide range of educational module in the key learning territories – English, arithmetic, investigations of society and nature, science, expressions, Dialects Other Than English (LOTE), creative thinking, well-being and physical instruction. Additionally, they unequivocally accept the advantages of an adjusted training – including the collaboration, self-articulation and self-improvement that occur outside the classroom. For more details visit

Litera Valley Zee School,
No.606/2A,2B Maruthi Green fields
Kasavugatta Village
Hosur - 635109
Phone: 04344 - 260400, 260500
Mobile: 9159885555


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